Renowned Hip Hop artist DJ Felix becomes a turntablism star in India

One of Kolkata's most popular DJs, Dj Felix never thought of becoming a Disc Jockey until in 2006 when he started his professional career. With a soft corner for Hip-Hop music, Felix entered the DJing industry during the time when hip-hop was not even properly introduced to Indian music scenario. In fact, there were very few DJs who were into hip-hop music culture.

Fascinated with DJing and turntable skills of world-class Dj's like 'Eskei83' and 'Skratch Bastid', took the road. His passion and hunger to bring revolution in Indian Djing scenario never allowed DJ Felix to let go of his dreams. Although it was a quite tough task to generate the taste of a music genre which was very new to the people, Felix never gave up. With passing years and his hardwork, Felix ultimately succeeded in establishing his name in the list of top-notch Turntablists across the country. Felix is one of the very first performers to introduce Turntable setup in Kolkata. Now he has a massive fan following and hold on to the nightlife culture of Kolkata where his live performances are mostly housefull.

Felix told us that his sound has evolved a lot in Hip-hop with time. He's been involved in the Hip Hop scene for the last fourteen years now and certainly feels proud to be a Dj and Turntablist. "It's fascinating to watch it grow and evolve," he adds. "Something I admire so much about the Kolkata crowd is that there could be an event in someone's basement with 30 people or a major festival with thousands of attendees and you'll have the same level of passion put into both. It's also inspiring to watch the progression of artistes - who played small rooms are now headlining to huge venues and festivals. The scene just does a great job bringing all genres to the area, giving artists a platform to share their music, and it will continue to inspire upcoming talents."

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