'Rejected a film after getting weird vibe from director'

Daisy liked the script but decided to say no to the offer after meeting him

London: Star Wars star Daisy Ridley has revealed that she turned down a movie role after she got "weird vibe" from the director.

The 27-year-old actor said she liked the script of the film but decided to say no to the offer after meeting the director.

"I had an amazing script and then a meeting with the director and it was just really weird, like, a really weird vibe. Then Hylda (her agent Hylda Queally) had a conversation with the director and was, like, 'Nope – no, you're not doing it','' Ridley told The Guardian.

The actor added that her time on the Star Wars franchise, which she joined in 2015 with The Force Awakens, has taught her to say no.

''Star Wars has given me the opportunity to do smaller things and allowed me to say no, which is glorious."

"I don't talk a lot about various things because there are people fighting the good fight, and I know I have safety in that the people I have worked with have loud voices."

''Well, there was another film I really wanted to do, but there were a number of factors that meant I didn't believe it was right."

"Well, it wasn't equal and all that stuff, so I said no, even though that's really scary. But how much of a blessing is it to be able to say no?''

Ridley will next be seen in the last film in latest Star Wars trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, which releases in December. It is directed by JJ Abrams.

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