Real women neither special nor perfect: Elisabeth

Los Angeles: The Handmaid's Tale star Elisabeth Moss feels women in real life are not perfect and don't come with special powers, and that's what she likes to represent through her work.

In an interview to The Times, Moss said she wants her characters to end up being heroines and representing feminism, reports

"I always try to make my characters end up being heroines and representing feminism. I try to make them real, whether it's representing a woman in the workplace or a mother. They're just like you and me – not special, not perfect. Nobody is 100 per cent good all of the time," said the actor, known for her role as a woman enslaved for her womb in The Handmaid's Tale. "We don't have special powers. We're women and we're human. But real women who are not perfect can find their strength, whether that's getting out of a bad relationship, telling your boss you want a pay rise or marching on the capital in a red costume."

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