Ranvir Shorey: Police threatening to impound my car and file FIR

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ranvir Shorey is stuck at Jogeshwari East Police station in the city, with the cops threatening to impound his car.

Ranvir told IANS: "About five days ago Vinod, the house help who stays at my father's place, had to go home because his wife was to deliver a baby. After her discharge from hospital, Vinod had to return to us. So, I sent my car because he has no vehicle. When he was returning home, my vehicle got impounded. I am at the police station to get it back."

The actor continued: "I showed all the papers and documents to prove that his wife had a delivery, and that now Vinod had to come back to our place, when Vijay Kumar Kadam, officer in charge (OIC), asks me why did Vinod have to stay there for the delivery -- it is between the doctor and the mother! I told him that the father has to be around for final paperwork during discharge from the hospital, and he asks me how come the delivery of a child is a health emergency?!"

"I really do not know how to argue with these people. I am told that the OIC will file an FIR and impound my car," he added.

Meanwhile, the actor has been stuck at the police station for five hours along with his driver and house help.

"My father is a cancer patient and he is alone at home. The whole day has passed and I do not know what's next," said the actor.

"I just sent my car to get Vinod back because he does not have a transport to come back from his place at Mira Road. Where am I wrong? Why are these power-drunk people harassing me this way? I am curious to know what law have I broken?" Ranvir signed off.

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