Rami is the 'unsettling' James Bond villain

A new teaser video introducing Rami Malek's villainous character Safin in the upcoming James Bond movie, 'No Time to Die', has been released. The Oscar-winner in the video described his character as 'unsettling'.

While not too many details about Safin have been revealed, we are told that he is on a revenge mission that could result in the death of millions of people. "Safin is a formidable adversary," the Oscar-winning actor says in the video. "James Bond has to adapt to him."

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga says that not only does Safin pose a personal challenge to Bond, he is a threat on a global scale. "We both eradicate people to make the world a better place. I just want to be a little tidier," Safin tells Bond in the teaser.

'No Time to Die' was initially slated for an April release, but was pushed to November because of the coronavirus pandemic. The film will serve as Daniel Craig's final outing as the iconic British spy, whom he has played since 2006's Casino Royale in five films.

Daniel Craig in an interview to Esquire had said that he wanted Rami to feel comfortable on set, and not be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the production. "All I want to do is make [Rami] feel as comfortable as it's possible to be, for him to feel like he's welcome, because it's a huge machine and I don't want it to feel overwhelming. There aren't many films bigger than Bond, so I want to make sure that when someone like Rami walks onto set, he can hit the ground running. But he was ready."

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