Puja with a difference

Durga Puja is right around the corner and this time the celebration is going to be different than usual because of Coronavirus. Keeping in mind the people's safety and their eagerness to celebrate the festival at the same time, Roopsha Dasgupta, the founder of creative agency 'Oopsroops' has taken an initiative under the name 'Ei Pujo… Onnorokom'. It is an innovative idea of stitching and bringing various elements of puja through the e-platforms, thus making it an 'e-Pujo Onnorokom' experience for all. It started on Mahalaya (September 17, 2020) and will lead to Durga Puja till Kali Puja/ Diwali.

From sharing memories of good old puja days to providing various travel options available now, 'Ei Pujo... Onnorokom' is spreading the word as to how shopping, music, food, fun and frolic have all become restricted to the internet, thus leading to the 'new normal e-puja season'. Special utility news around the puja protocol, in association with 'Millennium Post', is also a part of these audiovisual episodes, which is hosted by Roopsha.

"From collaborating and co-creating effective, direct and experiential integrated content to benefit and connect all through the social media platform is the motivation behind this. We are trying to connect the dots and showcase various aspects of Durga Puja from travelling, eating, shopping and connecting. While there is nothing too extraordinary about this, can we pause for a while to realise how senior members of the family, who are not too tech-savvy, will be able to participate? With the sole purpose of imparting hands-on training sessions, 'RG Cellulars', the largest retail chain and distributor of 'East' and 'Oopsroops' have launched the 'Senior Citizens Techguide Cell' on Mahalaya this year," said Roopsha.

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