Priyanshu speaks on getting recognition from 'Mirzapur' S2

Priyanshu speaks on getting recognition from Mirzapur S2

For actor Priyanshu Painyuli 2020 was a great year, as he got to play the roles of Amir Asif in 'Extraction' and Robin in 'Amazon Prime Video' series 'Mirzapur' season two. According to him, both the characters helped him in redefining his journey.

The actor said that he knew about the 'craziness' around the show, but he got to experience it firsthand only after being a part of it in the second season.

"What 'Mirzapur' season two did for me is special. I have not got this much recognition from any other project of mine. Robin and his 'Yeh Bhi Theek hai' dialogue have resonated with the audience. There are so many memes and jokes around it. There was this old uncle I met many years ago who used to say this line often. It kind of stuck to me and I thought of using it here," commented the actor.

Priyankshu revealed that nobody saw this web boom coming back then.

"The show was experimental and did well. But there is a catch. In a theatre, when someone buys a ticket, they usually sit through those two hours. But a web show need to keep the interest level high, or else the viewer would switch to some other show," explained Priyanshu.

He concluded by saying, "You can stick to authentic stories on the web while some demand certain things. I did not find anything wrong in the nudity in 'Game of Thrones' or cuss words in 'Mirzapur'. So, I'm worried that censorship should not affect the purity and authenticity on the web."

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