Priyanka touched by my singing: Parineeti

Parineeti Chopra has made singing debut in her upcoming film Meri Pyaari Bindu and the actress said her cousin Priyanka Chopra was one of the first people to give her feedback on the song.

"She (Priyanka) was one of the first few people (to give feedback). The moment I got the song I sent it to her, she was really touched. My dad and her dad used to do shows as Chopra brothers and didi and I used to stand in front of our fathers and do shows with them," Parineeti told reporters.

"So for me to sing was a very big thing. She did it first and then I had to do well. It had to be a good song. So for my family it was like 'chalo good, izzat bacha li.' They were very happy," she added.

The actress was speaking at a special preview screening of the trailer of "Meri Pyaari Bindu". The film, produced by Maneesh Sharma and directed by Akshay Roy, also stars Ayushmann Khurrana.

Parineeti says it is not an issue if an actor decides to sing and feels playback singers can never be replaced.

"I am still getting used to hearing my voice. I still keep going back after small intervals and keep listening to it. It feels very weird to hear your own recorded voice...

"But I feel playback singers can never be replaced because they are technically sound, experts, professional and it's their job. When we dance nobody questions us that why are you dancing when there are dancers available. So if there are actors who want to, and like to sing, I don't think there should be a problem," she said.

The movie, backed by Yash Raj Films, is scheduled to release on May 12.
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