Power of creativity should not be stripped away from artiste: Nucleya

New Delhi: Money should not dominate the process of creating music, says music producer Nucleya.

The 38-year-old EDM star, whose real name is Udyan Sagar, said even though he understands the business side of the entertainment industry, it is important to let the creative minds fly free.

"When somebody is investing crores in a movie they have to figure out a way to be able to make that money back. I understand that from an investor's perspective.

"But making music is a creative process, which means you have to leave it to creative people to come up with a good tune. This power should not be stripped away from them," Nucleya told PTI in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

The artiste, known for his party tracks like "Bass Rani", "Laung Gawacha", "Jind Mahi" and "Mirza", believes at times musicians are pushed into following a trend which stops them from exploring new ideas.

"If one formula, like remixes, clicks then everybody jumps on that. They don't understand that overdoing it is going to kill the whole thing.

"There are so many creative people within the music industry, be it composers, writers or singers, all we need is to give them creative freedom and let them create something beautiful. The musicians in the industry at times don't have this power."

Nucleya believes the restrictions in the film industry has resulted in the rise of the live, independent music scene as both the performers and the audience get an opportunity to delve into something new.

"The moment you move out of this business, you find unbelievable talent because then there is no one to tell you what to do and what not to. That is why independent music in live circuit is growing immensely," he added.

Nucleya said as someone who has never functioned as per the profit-loss principle, his aim is to promote the same idea by helping new talent to grow freely.

This is what made the "Paintra" artiste join rap reality show "MTV Hustle" as a mentor, along with Raja Kumari and Raftaar. It started airing on August 10.

"I realised the show is also trying to able to push forward the originality of an artiste as compared to other reality shows where a particular contestant is asked to sing an already popular song by some other artiste. I believe this subconsciously puts budding artistes in a creative cage.

"In this show, the artiste is free to sing, write and compose a song the way they want to. We are requesting them to be as original as possible," he added.

Talking about the increasing popularity of rap in India, Nucleya said the shift came when Indian rappers realised they can create songs in their mother tongue.

"The majority of the audience still doesn't understand rap or hip-hop songs in English. We are just a few of them who understand the English songs.

"I believe the turning point in Indian hip-hop scene came around seven years ago when Indian artistes realised they can rap in Hindi or their mother tongue. This resulted in the increase in the audience," he said.

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