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Payal Ghosh claims being attacked

Payal Ghosh claims being attacked

Payal Ghosh, who made headlines after accusing filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment, claimed that she was attacked with acid by some masked men when she was returning home after purchasing medicines in Mumbai.

The actor said that when she was getting into her car, some men attacked her with a rod and that they had a bottle in their hand which she suspected was acid. She also claimed that she escaped the attack but with a minor injury in her left hand.

Ghosh said she will file an FIR on this matter.

In an 'Instagram' clip, Payal could be heard saying: "Hi, I am Payal Ghosh and yesterday I went out to buy some medicines. As I was trying to sit in my driver's seat, some people came and tried to attack me."

"There was a bottle in their hand. I do not know what it was. I suspect maybe acid or something. They also tried to hit me with a rod and I tried to escape and shouted, so the rod fell on my left hand and I got injured," she added.

She concluded by saying, "As I shouted, they ran away. Probably today I will go to the police station to do the FIR. This kind of thing never happened in my life. This is the first time in Bombay I had to face this."

She also posted a picture on her 'Instagram' stories, in which she showed her injured hand.

"I could not sleep the whole night, out of pain," she captioned the image.

Payal further said, "Obviously, he is not a well-wisher, but it is all planned. I'm planning to take strict action on this."

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