Opinions don’t last; what lasts is your work: Janhvi Kapoor

Opinions don’t last; what lasts is your work: Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor addressed the media scrutiny that she is always surrounded by and said that she doesn’t let it affect her. In an interview, she was asked how she has learned the skill of making herself available to the public but also drawing lines.

“I hope this doesn’t sound disconnected or arrogant, but I know there’s extra pressure. I know people are looking to point a finger at me. If I’m smiling too much in front of my gym or wherever the paparazzi have caught me, it’s like, ‘Dekho kitni eager hai, kitni desperate hai’. And if I’m having a bad day and I’ve got a huge pimple on my face, it’s like, ‘Kitni ghamandi hai’. So, you just have to learn that in the papers today, in the trash tomorrow. It doesn’t matter. Opinions don’t last, what lasts is your work. What lasts is what you think of yourself. All these things are not tangible.”

She continued, “It’s great that I’m getting attention, everybody loves attention. But you can’t take it to your head. Relevance isn’t permanent. Whatever attention I’m getting today, at the start, it’s because of my parents. Even now, a great deal of it is because of the family I’ve been born into and maybe a little bit, I’d like to think and hope, because of the work I’m doing. It comes down to the work, not the shorts I wore to the gym. Those are not the kind of things I want to be known for.”

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