On Kiara's bucket list

New Delhi: She is not a travel junkie, but actor Kiara Advani loves taking time out for leisurely excursions with her family and friends in between her busy schedule. She was recently in Italy for a vacation with her family and plans to embark on another trip to the Mediterranean country before she starts work on her next Bollywood project. Kiara talks about her travel plans.

Tell us about your Italy adventure.

I've always wanted to visit Italy. The country has so much culture and history worth exploring that it's astounding. But there is so much more still to see that I'm already planning my next trip. And I've decided to split my next trip to cover the south of Italy as well as Rome because it is impossible to see everything in 10 days.

What are your travel essentials?

My passport, a pair of comfortable sneakers, sunglasses, sunblock, boat air dopes for listening to music and a crossbody bag.

Places on your bucketlist?

Tokyo, Australia and Africa.

How important is a vacation for you?

It's important to take a break. A holiday is always good to refresh, recharge and come back rejuvenated.

Do you travel solo?

I have never taken a solo trip, I am more of a group traveller. I like company.

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