'Not here to influence but entertain the audience'

The 26-year-old singer, Ammy Virk is earning name and fame with the magical voice he has and the acting skills he showcases in Punjab film industry.

Very famous for his super-hit and the heart-warming song 'Qismat', Virk is back with a new song – 'Hath Chumme', which talks about cars, drugs, girls etc. The song has been composed by B Praak and written by Jaani.

The singer feels happy about the love and appreciation he got for 'Qismat', but at the same time says that in the competitive world of entertainment, there has to be a new thing every time to entertain the audience. "We cannot keep making one kind of songs because no one would listen to it all the time," he further states.

Opening about what he thinks about being an influence and a noted personality, he states, "I think this very idea of influencing people through songs is wrong. I feel that we are entertainers and we make songs to entertain people and not to teach them."

Ammy believes that no one can teach people to follow something. He says that people who want to drink, drive cars or take drugs won't wait for the singers or filmmakers to influence them to do so, they will do it somehow because that it what they want. "My songs about cars, girls or drugs aren't the reason for them to be influenced. It will serve as an excuse for their deeds," he mentioned.

With the wave of biopics in the industry, Ammy too is set to come with a film very soon. Sharing his excitement, he says, "I am very excited about this film and I really hope to do justice to the role." The biopic is on a legendary Punjabi singer's life.

Considering himself as an entertainer, the Punjabi singer believes that no industry is small or big and he is grateful that he could get so much of exposure. He says that he is happy that he isn't limited to singing but is expanding his horizons, trying different things in the industry, experimenting with his skills.

As for debuting in Bollywood, Ammy thinks any genre would serve the purpose of entertaining the audience.But, he is willing to work with Katrina if given a chance.

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