'Not dying to get validation from Hollywood'

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been around in the film industry for long enough to have a take on what is that one thing he wants to change about Bollywood. Considering the recognition he enjoys both in Indian and abroad, what he said is indeed a fair point.

"Yes, I want to change one thing - the name 'Bollywood' itself. Yeh jo udhaar ka naam le rakha hai, sabse pehle humein yeh badalna chahiye," he quipped.

Hollywood clearly was the inspiration behind the name given to the Indian film industry. What is also peculiar, and Siddiqui agreed, is that there were instances where a film or actor was recognised only when it was praised in the West or got some award.

He also revealed by confessing about getting film offers in Hollywood, "Offers do come, but it is just not materialising. Aisa nahi hai ki main mara jaa raha hoon ya jab thappa lagega unka, tab jaake actor kehlaunga. I am not dependent on that and neither do I want to be. I want my films to go to the West and tell them that we are no less."

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