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'No one has a right to shame without our consent'

No one has a right to shame without our consent

In a series of tweets, singer Sona Mohapatra addressed the collateral effects of businessman Raj Kundra's arrest in connection with a porn racket.

Sona tweeted, "This video is self-directed with full consent and zero exploitation or human trafficking involved. So moral custodians of India, do ponder about such matters in the current hot trending topic. 'Ek Din-Manhattan Memories' to celebrate my equal billboard in Times Square NYC."

In another clip, Sona talked about how the porn case, for which Raj got arrested, has resulted in the slut-shaming of women who are public figures.

"Nothing showcases the hypocrisy and toxicity of society more than when porn-related news ends up giving people the license to slut-shame every woman in the public domain. I directed these videos as an artistic reaction. Freewill, consent v/s exploitation/trafficking!" Sharing the third video, she wrote that it is unacceptable for trolls to target everyone from Bollywood based on Raj's arrest in a porn case.

"The Raj Kundra blow-up cannot be an excuse to throw lewd comments into our timelines and say things like, you are from Bollywood and all of you are the same. No one has a right to shame, touch or do anything without our consent. Sounds simple enough?" she wrote.

"Women, please celebrate your bodies as I do! Big, small, fat, thin or any other way, we are glorious. No one has a right to shame us or touch us or do anything without our consent. Sounds simple enough? It does not enter the knuckleheads of too many people who live in our world."

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