No big deal: Abhishek on cuts in Manmarziyaan

Mumbai: Actor Abhishek Bachchan has defended the decision of the makers to delete three scenes from his latest Manmarziyaan and said the sequences did not impact the story anyway.

The scenes in question featuring Abhishek and Taapsee Pannu smoking had upset a certain section of the Sikh community, following which they were omitted.

When asked about the issue, Abhishek said, "Each individual is allowed to react the way they have, and they want to. It's their personal opinion. For me, it's not a big deal. My film isn't about anyone smoking, I have no problem cutting that out if someone has taken objection to it."

The actor stressed that the intention of the makers was not to hurt anyone.

"The intention of the makers is upset any community or ruffle any feathers. We just wanted to make a nice love story. If by cutting out few shots if it's going to placate someone and make them feel better, I've no problem doing that."

When asked if the move sets a bad precedent, the actor said one has to look at the issue in totality.

"You have to look at why and who is objecting, what's the purpose behind the objection. If that's genuine, look into it and address it... You need to ask who's the loser here? In this situation like we are in, it's the exhibitors."

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