Lady Gaga can be Metallica's fifth member: Lars Ulrich

Drummer Lars Ulrich has opened up about Metallica's collaboration with Lady Gaga during the 2017 Grammys and said that the pop star can be the fifth member of the band. Ulrich had nothing but praise for the 'Judas' hitmaker during an interview with LA Daily, reported Ace Showbiz.

"We thought let's not make this 'Gaga and Metallica' or 'you and us,' but let's make it all of us, the five of us together," Ulrich said, before adding, "Gaga was the fifth member of the band. It's not two different worlds, it's all of us together."

Ulrich also shared the backstory of how Gaga could be selected as their collaborator, citing her "creative spirit" as the main reason.

"She's sort of a metal chick at heart and has a reputation for growing up in that Jersey/New York metal scene and has a reputation of being super easy and cool, and I just threw the idea of collaborating at her," he recalled.

The drummer continued, "We talked internally about having a female collaborator to sing one of the songs for the new album... it came together super organic and really quick... she's very autonomous and independent and she makes her own decisions. She is the coolest, sweetest, most easygoing person you'll ever meet."

With Metallica gearing up for the North American leg of their WorldWired Tour and Gaga prepping for her 'Joanne' world tour, the two sides began discussing about working together after their performance in Grammys.
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