Every artiste has his own journey: Amit Sadh

This is his seventh year in Bollywood but Amit Sadh is not worried about being compared to his contemporaries as he believes there is no point in worrying about other people's work.

The 37-year-old TV actor made his big screen debut in 2010 with "Phoonk 2". But it was 2013 movie "Kai Po Che" that breathed new life into his film career and catapulted him to fame.

The actor's Bollywood future looked bright after he impressed with his performance in the film but he did not benefit from its success as much as the movie's other stars - Sushant Singh Rajput and Rajkummar Rao.

Sadh says a noted personality from Bollywood had pointed this out to him but he feels every actor's journey is different and even cited the examples of Hollywood stars and friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's career graph.

"This man called me and said 'Sushant has become a star, Rajkummar is a big actor and why are you left in the middle?' I feel as artistes every individual has their own journey. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck started together," Sadh said during a recent visit here.

"But for two decades Affleck was doing just rom coms and then he comes back with a bang with direction, gets an Oscar and now plays Batman."

The actor has starred in films like "Guddu Rangeela", "Akira", Salman Khan blockbuster "Sultan" and will be next seen in Shoojit Sircar's production "Running Shaadi".

In his upcoming film, the actor plays the role of a guy, who runs the business of helping couples elope and get married.

Sadh, who was cast in the film after director Amit Roy was mesmerised by his performance in "Kai Po Che", says he is happy that he is getting the opportunity to do different roles.

"As an actor I want to do great roles. I need to be challenged. I am lucky that I am getting great parts. These are great times. I am very grateful to everyone who have helped me to reach here. This is just the start."

"Running Shaadi" also stars Taapsee Pannu and will finally release this Friday.

Sadh feels he does not have the "intellect" to meticulously choose his films but insists that he wants to grab hold of all good roles so that he is able to pay rent on time and take care of people who depend on him.

"I don't have the aptitude or the intellect to gauge all this. First and foremost for me as an actor, as I am not educated, is that I need to do good roles so I can pay my rent.

"If this sounds lame then I am lame. I have three dogs, I have to take care of them, feed them. I have to pay certain people in my life who are dependent on me. For that I need to work hard. I need to earn my bread and butter."

When asked if career setbacks get to him, Sadh vehemently rejects it saying, "Nothing gets to me, neither the good nor the bad. I am not saying it with arrogance, I am saying this very humbly. I have seen so much in life that situations like that is a piece of cake for me."

The actor says he swears by Harivansh Rai Bachchan's line "mann ka ho to achcha aur mann ka na ho to aur bhi accha" as it has helped him get through the tough times in life.
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