Keanu Reeves wants to make new 'Matrix' film

Actor Keanu Reeves, who has been a part of the "Matrix" franchise, says he would love it if he could reprise his role from the film.

But he says he doesn't know whether the directors, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, would be keen, reports

"I don't know about the Wachowskis. They would probably do something really original. I'd certainly like to see what would happen and more exploration of that world," Reeves told the Metro newspaper.

He also said he was undecided about the prospect of the sci-fi franchise going down the remake route.

"Don't do that. Not a remake. But you could actually. I think what's cool... When a story gets embraced, then if it has a tradition, and it becomes to have a lineage. I think it's cool that when another time takes that story and makes it their own, so I wouldn't categorically say that would be bad," he said.

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