Stand up against abuse: Anusha urges women

Actress-singer Anusha Dandekar, the 'Love Guru' on TV show "MTV Love School Season 2" alongside beau Karan Kundra, has urged women to stand up against relationship abuse after she saw a couple engaging in a physical fight on the show.

Anusha and Karan were surprised to see Jacqueline and Varun hitting each other.

The two contestants have had a turbulent relationship in the past and joined the show to sort out their issues. However, things got worse when they physically abused each other on the show.

"This is one of the worst nights of 'Love School Season 2'," Karan said.

Anusha added: "Please women of the world, value yourself enough to know that a man raising his hand on you is not okay. It never will be and it never was. That's all I am going to say about that."

Jacqueline and Varun were later asked to leave the show.


Rytasha Rathore learns wrestling for TV show

Actress Rytasha Rathore, who is seen as Badho in TV show "Badho Bahu", is undergoing a strict training regime to get her scenes perfect in the upcoming wrestling track.

To do wrestling in the show, Rytasha has taken up a workout regime in the break time and during free hours to build her core and overall strength.

"To perform great scenes, one needs to do a little preparation before the camera rolls. The wrestling track has been a little challenging since I ended up hurting myself while doing an action sequence recently," Rytasha said in a statement.

"I have started exercising so that I can build my stamina to perform the scenes. I hope the audience enjoys our hard work," she added.

"Badho Bahu" is aired on &TV.
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