'Prison Break' new season will set another bar: Dominic Purcell

Actor Dominic Purcell says the new season of TV series "Prison Break", which was aired from 2005 to 2009, will set the bar higher than its original version.

"I think 'Prison Break' was one of the shows that set a bar when it first came out. And hopefully, the new season will set another bar. And I think it will," Purcell, who played the role of Lincoln Burrows in the series, spoke to Star World about his upcoming show.

"I think people are going to be very blown away by the fact that we made this show, and it looks like it's just on par -- I've seen the first two episodes. It's on par with anything Jason Bourne would do, or 'Zero Dark Thirty'. That kind of, the Middle Eastern kind of thing, that vibe. There's no difference. So it's just incredible storytelling," he added.

The season five of "Prison Break" will go on air on Star World and Star World HD in April 2017.

Talking about the idea of bringing the show back, Purcell said: "Well, Wentworth (Miller) and I were working on 'Flash' together, and we just started talking about 'Prison Break', the good old days kind of thing. And then we started thinking, why don't we try to bring it back? I mean, it's been a long time.

"So Wentworth and I approached the studio and met with them, and they loved the idea and jumped on board. And we had to get Paul Schering (screenwriter and the creator of the show) involved. And he got involved. And once he got involved, that was it. I mean, the show couldn't have happened without Paul. So he was the final piece of the puzzle," he said.
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