It was a great honour to wear a Navy uniform in Rustom

One of the biggest entertainers of the year, Rustom, inspired by real life events garnered critical as well as commercial acclaim. Ahead of the Republic Day premiere of the film, Akshay Kumar speaks on what made Rustom special, his journey so far.

Rustom has been one of the biggest entertainers of 2016. Your reaction?

Gratitude is my greatest reaction. I knew I loved the film, I knew I found the idea curiously grasping. However, one never knows how the world will respond to what one feels is fascinating and intriguing, so glad it worked out well for all those involved as well the audiences.

You have a trail of successful films where you have worn uniforms. What do you think clicks?

I think a uniform has that effect. I got that opportunity in couple of films and it's a feeling I can't really explain. In Rustom also, when I used to wear the uniform with all the medals and badges, it instilled a special emotion, an emotion of responsibility, of selfless service. I felt like I am walking with a sense of pride. Infact, in some courtroom scenes in Rustom, I am not walking in my usual style but just gliding. That's what the uniform does to you. It was a great honour to wear a Navy uniform in this film.

What do you think sets Rustom different as a film?

Rustom is a very well-made and well-presented film. Being inspired from couple of real life events we really tried hard to weave in the narrative together. There is a certain sense of relatability with movies that are close to life. Such a film needs to reflect believability staying within the liberties of filmmaking. Hopefully we have been able to do the same with Rustom. Also the film upholds a bold point of a woman slipping in a marriage.

Rustom was your third successful collaboration with Neeraj Pandey. Do you think he brings out the best in you?

I believe he does. I get along with Neeraj Pandey very well. We are friends and bond beyond work. The kind of scripts he writes are the kind of films which I want to do. Neeraj is not only an amazing writer but he is a thinker.

Playing a defense force personnel calls for a lot of physical preparation. Did you undergo as well?

It wasn't much of a preparation for me. My father was in the army so I have had always grown up with that kind of discipline and strict schedules. Fitness is a habit so it didn't really call for too much efforts as far as physical manifestation is concerned.
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