Ask some B'wood director to hire me: Jackie Chan

Legendary actor Jackie Chan, who is in India to promote his forthcoming film Kung Fu Yoga, is quite impressed with Bollywood dance style and thinks it has improved a lot.

"When I was 16, I watched Bollywood movies. I didn't understand the language and I went away after seeing the dance. But for the last 15 years, I watch Hindi films... Why? Because of the dancing, the movements are so good, probably the best in the world," Chan said at an event here on January 23.

"Earlier in Bollywood and Chinese films, the actions and dancing were not up to the mark. But now we have money and technology and now we can train people. Currently, Bollywood produces some of the best films in Asia." He added.

Chan also said that he is tired of doing just action and would like to romance on-screen. "I want to do it (Hindi film). Ask some Bollywood director to hire me. No more action for me, I want to do dance and do a love story. I tried very hard to do it (Bollywood film) but the script did not work out. After 11 years I am here, It's one of my dream I want to do it (Bollywood film)," Jackie told reporters.

Chan has been acting in movies for over five decades. "My fans have been growing up watching me when their father took them to see my movies. Now I want them to take their parents to see my movie," he said.

Talking about his love for the Indian people, Chan said, "I know Indian people love me and I love them too. I come here for making movies, charities, film festivals because I love you all."

The 62-year-old says his inspiration of doing action at this age are his fans from all over the world. "I've been doing action scenes all my life. Do I get scared? Yes I do... Every time when I do any stunt I think this is probably my last shot,"said Jackie while promoting his film which is slated to release on February 3.
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