'Need to keep entertainment quotient high'

We always talk about contestants' qualities to participate in a show like Roadies. As a mentor, what do you think is essential to make the show interesting and engaging for the audience?

I think there are a few things that are very important to engage the audience – one being true to the fact that it is an adventure-based reality show. So, however different we try and make it, we keep it very close to what the real concept is. The second and the most important thing is to keep the entertainment quotient high and of course while choosing contestants, we always look for that one little thing we call the 'X-factor', apart from the strength, ability, good looks, and talent. So, even when we are casting for these 20 contestants, we are looking for someone different. We can't cast everyone with big biceps or everyone who is a dancer or everyone who is a rap star.

Talking about your personal life, how much has changed after having a baby. Does motherhood affect professional life?

Lots. I feel like a new person. It feels like a complete rebirth to me. I am a mum because of her. I was on Roadies last year and was travelling when my daughter was just 45 days old.

I have taken some pretty brave, bold steps, but I believe all you need to have is the belief and faith and a lot warmth for your child. Children pull through; they are more resilient than we can think. And as long as I have my daughter around, I am absolutely fine. When she's not there, I miss her immensely. You can never take the fact that I am a mother. My head and my heart are always with her, and nothing will ever change that. That's permanent and I love every bit of it.

After all of this, professionally, a lot has changed with me. Earlier, I wanted to be around for a little more. That was the space I was living in.

Now, since she is almost 14 months, I've started stepping out for a lot of work without her. Sometimes I fall short of hours in a day, but every bit of it is amazing.

Nowadays, a lot of people consume OTT content rather than watching movies. What's your take on this? What kind of work are you interested in doing?

I think OTT is a great way for actors to express or showcase their talents. And of course, it is a great revenue model and a great avenue when it comes to work. I am glad to be a part of this change where we have seen so many OTT platforms coming up.

As an actor, I have not done any web series, but I will be more than excited to be a part of a web show. I am extremely proud of my husband, Angad, who has been doing a great work in the web space. He just did Inside Edge and I watched the season 2. I have to say that I was mightily impressed.

A lot has been happening in India right now and many actors refrain from commenting on social media. Being an actor what is your take on it?

I feel as an actor or a public figure, having a social media presence, they should use it to their best ability. Even with Roadies Revolution, our aim is to speak up for the issues and do our bit for the betterment of the society. I'm a firm believer that we are living in 2020 and when you feel that things are not going in the right direction and if you have a voice and a message to put out there, you should use it in the right direction. As an individual, I believe we should fight for what is best for the society. I have said that before and will continue to maintain that.

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