'My heart sank as I read Indecent Proposal script'

New Delhi: Famed American actor Demi Moore says she was apprehensive of the number of sex scenes in Indecent Proposal but finally decided to act in the movie as it was a "great story" and a "great director" was making it.

"My heart sank as I read the script for my next picture and noted the number of sex scenes I had ahead of me. I wanted to do the movie because it was a great story," she says.

The 1993 film is about a young couple David and Diana Murphy, played by Woody Harrelson and Moore, who go to Las Vegas in the hope of winning enough money to finance their dream home, which the husband, an architect, wants to build.

Instead, they lose all their savings. But Diana catches the eye of a billionaire (Robert Redford), who makes them an offer: he'll give them a million bucks to spend one night with her.

They are conflicted, but they accept, and the story goes on from there.

Indecent Proposal was directed by Adrian Lyne, known for his moody, sexually charged films Fatal Attraction, Flashdance and Jacob's Ladder.

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