'Music is everything'

Sophie Choudhry started singing when she joined a girl band called ‘Sansara’, while studying in London

There are two categories of people – first one constitute of the ones who take a life to figure out their passion, and the second ones are those who have always been clear about their choices and dreams. Sophie Choudhry, actor cum singer, belongs to the second category.

Sophie started singing when she joined a girl band called Sansara while studying in London.

After two hit songs 'Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai' and 'Habibi', the band split up, and Choudhry decided to return to India to explore more opportunities.

"Within a year, I became a successful MTV VJ, and my song 'Mera Babu Chail Chabila' became an instant hit. Later, another song 'Ek Pardesi' was released which shot me to fame. And then, I got my dream call from David Dhawan sir, who decided to launch me in his film."

That is when Pyar Ke side effects happened in her life and the rest is history.

"I was never a professional model, but somehow people always think I was," shared the actor, who draws her inspiration from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Priyanka Chopra.

Revealing her dream collaboration, Sophie said that she wants to work with Badshah. "I think we both could do a kickass collaboration together. The music vibe, style, everything would be awesome."

The singer has just a few songs to her credit as yet, but has become a viral sensation. She feels that though the internet is a wonderful medium to showcase talent, nothing can possibly be compared to the days when non-film songs ruled the roost and dominated the TV and radio channels.

"That is why some of us are fortunate to have a long lasting career even if we haven't released that much music."

Sharing why she has not been able to produce much music, the singer said: "I am trying really hard to work on my music, but finding good songs, and producing the project yourself is quite difficult." Despite all the obstacles she face, Music is everything for Sophie.

Talking about the songs boosting drugs and showing women as sex objects, Sophie agrees that music definitely influences people. "While I appreciate and respect the freedom of speech, I think all we have to do is to draw careful lines," stated the singer, who has no problem in looking glamorous in item songs.

About the nudity in item songs, Sophie is confident that she has not witnessed any kind of nudity in item songs.

"Sexiness depends on the performer and how a song is shot. These two things can distinguish glamour and vulgarity, and I know that in my entire career I have never crossed that line and I never will," answered Sophie, who has rejected many songs when she thought that the lyrics, clothes or scenes were not decent enough.

"We have to remember that the majority of India is not like Mumbai. They think differently, see women differently and we should lyrically not objectify women," she added.

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