Multi-genre band working on song for plus-size people

New Delhi: A fun track titled "Bhaari" for plus-size people is in the works.

Rhapsody Band, an Indian multi-genre band that participated in "India's Got Talent", will be unveiling the track in July.

"We have a lot of plus-size friends who talk about how their families and friends keep shaming them or making fun of them about the way they look and we hear them ranting about this a lot," band member Ashish Palanna, who is a singer, dancer, musician, music teacher and an entrepreneur, told IANS.

"One day, we sat together to work on something new and this idea of making a song for plus-size people suddenly came to our minds. Since it's a very touchy topic that can go both ways, we came up with a fun and funky way to portray a character who is talking about all the comments that people make on her on a daily basis," he added.

But the song isn't just about her talking about her problems.

"It is about her lovingly embracing what she is and she puts out a message saying that she knows she is beautiful and amazing and she loves her body for what it is, no matter what people say about her. She is also getting back at the people picking on her," said Ashish.

Ria D'Souza, voice of the band that also consists of Antony Lobo, Varun Rao, Karan Chitra Deshmukh and Aditya Ahir, shared that the song also consists of Rajasthani rap by Lalit Bohra, who has also penned the lyrics.

"It was so much fun making this song. We had one of our childhood friends, Sumanth Shetty, on board who produced this fun track. His thinking is so out of the box which made our recording process less like work and only fun," said Ria.

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