'Money is chasing content'

Mumbai: The filmmaking community has witnessed a change in mindset, believes Zoya Akhtar, as producers have started chasing new and refreshing scripts for making money.

The filmmaker says earlier, a project was bankrolled only if it had a star name attached to it and then the scripting phase would follow. But it is no longer the case now.

"Suddenly, money is chasing content. Earlier we used to write a script, begging, and if you attach an actor, you will get money from a producer. Today, there are so many platforms where you can show content. People are saying here is the money, give us something good. This has never happened before.

"People in between had forgotten that script writing is important. You are giving weightage to it and I am very happy about it. The story is the core part of a film," Zoya said.

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