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#metoo revolt: J Allen Brack leaves Blizzard Entertainment

#metoo revolt: J Allen Brack leaves Blizzard Entertainment

Los Angeles: The president of Activision's Blizzard Entertainment is stepping down weeks after the company was hit with a discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit in California as well as backlash from employees over the work environment.

The state sued Activision Blizzard Inc. last month citing a frat boy" culture that has become a breeding ground for harassment and discrimination against women."

The lawsuit alleges that female employees face constant sexual harassment, few women are named to leadership roles and when they are, they earn less salary, incentive pay and total compensation than male peers.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick sent a letter to employees after the lawsuit was filed, stating that the company was taking swift action to be the compassionate, caring company you came to work for and to ensure a safe environment."

On Tuesday it was announced that J. Allen Brack was leaving the company in a letter from Activision Blizzard President and COO Daniel Alegre to employees.

The complaint alleges that as far back as 2019, Brack had been told that employees were leaving the Santa Monica, California, company because of rampant sexual harassment and sexism.

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