'Men are equally human, their rights matter equally'

Men are equally human, their rights matter equally

Pooja Bedi called out an advertisement for streaming service 'Lionsgate Play' for normalising domestic violence against men. She said that she believed in gender equality and being a 'women's rights crusader' did

not make her blind to injustices against men.

"I'm absolutely horrified to watch this advertisement. Domestic violence against men is not acceptable. What if a man was slapping a woman in this advertisement? This should never clear an advertising board," wrote Bedi.

The video was later deleted by 'Lionsgate Play' from 'Twitter'.

She further tweeted, "People who know me as a women's rights crusader are perplexed to see me stand up for the rights of men! To make things clear, I believe in gender equality. If women in the past did not have rights or were abused, it does not mean that women have a right to torment men today as absurd ancestral payback."

"Two wrongs do not make a right and we have to sensitise both the sexes on domestic violence and equal rights and opportunities in order to create a society that is respectful

and progressive. Men are equally human. They hurt. They cry. Their rights matter equally."

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