Meghan seeks court ruling over 'breach of privacy'

Meghan seeks court ruling over breach of privacy

Duchess Meghan Markle, whose fight continues with 'British Media! Today', asked if a British judge will settle her lawsuit against 'Associated Newspapers' prior to the trial. She also stated that the publication had been 'deeply personal' to have published a private letter to her estranged father was.

In documents obtained by 'Huffington Post', Markle's legal team stated the act as 'a plain and a serious breach of her rights of privacy', as she is suing 'Associated Newspapers' for the invasion

of privacy and copyright infringement over a series of articles in 2019 in 'The Mail' on January 17 and also 'MailOnline', which featured parts of a letter from her father Thomas after her marriage to Prince Harry.

The full trial will take place in front of a jury this fall at the High Court in London, the United Kingdom. Prior to that, Meghan Markle is seeking a summary judgement so that the case does not go to trial and is dismissed before that. Her lawyer Justin Rushbrooke even told 'Huffington Post' that 'Associated Newspapers' had 'no real prospect' of winning the case. He said that it was a very straightforward case about the unlawful

publication of a private letter.

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