Matt LeBlanc to retire in his early 50s?

Actor Matt LeBlanc has hinted that he will retire from the showbiz world once he hits 50.

The 'Friends' star, who will turn 50 on July 25, has said he now wants to focus more on his personal life and spend more time with his daughter Marina, 13, whom he has with his ex-wife Melissa McKnight.

"I want to retire in my early fifties. I want everything set up. Otherwise you look and go '50! Whooo, where did that go?' I'm beginning to take stock. I want retirement accomplished," LeBlanc said.

Earlier, he spoke how much he enjoys hanging out with his daughter and cherishes the time because he knows she will not always want to be with him.

The actor said,"I love it when I'm with my daughter. We make bacon and eggs and sit and talk over how she slept, what she dreamed about, what we should do that day."
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