'Marvel' finds its She-Hulk in Tatiana

Canadian actor Tatiana Maslany will play the role of She-Hulk in 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' (MCU) TV series She-Hulk, reported 'Deadline'.

Maslany is best known for the science-fiction thriller TV series 'Orphan Black'. She is also known for movies like 'Picture Day' and 'Cas and Dylan'.

Jessica Gao, known for 'Rick and Morty', will serve as the lead writer on 'She-Hulk'.

'She-Hulk' was announced in August 2019 at 'D23 Expo' as part of three additional 'MCU' TV series to be made for 'Disney+', the other two being 'Ms Marvel' and 'Moon Knight'.

She-Hulk, also known as Jennifer Walters, is Bruce Banner or original Hulk's cousin in the comics. A lawyer, she becomes a tamer version of the Hulk after she receives a blood transfusion from Banner. Like Hulk, She-Hulk is also a green, large superhero but does not lose her temper and intelligence in her Hulk form.

Since she is a lawyer by profession, she also assists other superheroes in legal matters.

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