Mars (Mangal): The fiery planet

Mars (Mangal): The fiery planet

Numerology is an ancient metaphysical system of insight, dating back thousands of years and across multiple civilisations and cultures. It examines the relationship that the numbers and letters associated with our identities (especially our name and birth date) have with our personalities and life paths.

Numerology can be a powerful self-help and self-awareness tool. Its basic principles are that the universe is a system and once it’s broken down, we are left with the basic elements: numbers. Everything comes back to numbers, so the people who come under number nine can go through this article.

The shape of the number nine is immediately recognisable as a circle. It’s also a symbol of encountering many struggles in life and having the strength to overcome them. The minds of these people, who come under life path number nine, are highly flexible and open to new ideas. They are overly sentimental, since the ninth life path is mainly about feelings.

The quote that best describes number nine is by Thich Nhat Hanh: “Letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the only condition for happiness.”

The number nine (Mars) is very ambitious in life and confident. Number nine is considered powerful. They get name and fame in life and have good stamina and energy. They have good determination and power, which makes them courageous. They are very enthusiastic about life, as they see it differently. Also, such people are down to earth and look so harsh, but from inside, they are very soft and simple kind of people.

Those born on the dates 9 (1+8) and 27 (2+7) of any month are ruled by the planet Mars (Mangal).

Number nine is powerful. It represents completion, although not a fine ending but more like the fulfillment of one’s cycle, so that one can prepare to initiate the next one. It’s a recognition of life’s ongoing ebb and flow. This number is the last of the single-digit numbers (which are known as the cardinal numbers in numerology) and the highest in value.

This number shows that they have lived and learned. They are engaged in living their lives in a meaningful conscious manner and they set rewarding goals. People born under this number are born fighters and possess excellent resilience and endurance. They are compassionate and care deeply for the well-being of others, but they know where to draw the line while being generous.

Keywords: Humanitarianism, selflessness, idealism, compassion, completion and universal love

Positive Traits: People ruled by number nine will be super religious and loving towards their friends and family members and super humanitarian. You may experience many disappointments in life. However, all the disappointments will give them insight and make them internally stronger. They will associate themselves with God. They will strengthen themselves with all the disappointments and sorrows that they experience in life. Their biggest quality is that they don’t hold grudges and disappointments for long as they can overcome such feelings. This part of their nature is a gift from God.

Negative Traits: They are very moody and their mood swings tend to force them to make hasty decisions. Sometimes, they may be impatient over certain things. They may express themselves without knowing a lot about a certain subject. People ruled by number nine have aggression issues as they easily get angry about small things. They are very stubborn kind of people who don’t even listen to anyone. Most of the time, they speak harsh truth in front of anyone. Due to this, people like to stay away from them. This habit creates a bad image of the number nine.

Traits to Improve: Such people must let go of things that are not under their control. They can get very intensely involved in situations, making sure it’s only for the betterment of society at large. They shouldn’t be so committed to their ethical calling that they ignore their relationship in the process. They must restrain themselves from running at the first sign of trouble. They must embrace endings and view them as new beginnings rather than disasters.

Career: Good leader, commander, entrepreneur, holds a good position in companies, politics, police and army.

Lucky Colours: Blood red and crimson

Famous Personalities: Akshay Kumar, Suresh Raina, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Nelson Mandela, Shashi Tharoor, Salman Khan and Kristen Stewart.

(Rakhi Jain is a professional numerologist, Vastu consultant and general counsellor from Mumbai, India. Email: Mobile: +91 9594888515, +91 9136910156. ‘Instagram’ handle: numerologybyrakhejain. Facebook handle: Numerology By Rakhe Jain)

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