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Mark your calendars

Mark your calendars

As 'India International Centre' (IIC) continues to work amid COVID-19 taking safety into consideration, we have compiled a list of three ongoing/upcoming events organised by the centre that are worth your attention and time.

Afro-Asian Musical Imaginaries: Interconnected Histories across Continents - The two-day colloquium will trace the musical connections that large parts of Asia and Africa forged over centuries of interaction, trade and migrations, seen in traditional and contemporary musical and associated performance practices. The sessions consisting of talks, lecture demonstrations and performances, will engage with conceptual frameworks for understanding connections, comparing 'classical' traditions, reflecting on drumming traditions, methodologies of research unto the music of specific communities. Speakers and performers from India, South Africa, Tanzania, Spain and Britain will participate in the colloquium from September 16 to September 17, 2021.

Japanese Bamboo Baskets and Ikebana - On September 18, 2021, Senior Master Instructor of Sogetsu School, Koka Fukushima will present an Ikebana demonstration. During the demonstration, Fukushima will explain the various kinds of Japanese baskets and the different types of weaves used, which will take place on 'Zoom'.

Pristine - First published in the 'IIC Quarterly, Autumn 2017' issue, the online exhibition of photographs by Navin Sakhuja, Ophthalmologist, engages with the power and beauty of nature. Dr Sakhuja, in his art practice, has been fascinated by and is drawn to the unknown, the unexplored and the untouched, pristine and desolate parts of the planet. The photographs on view cover three different visits to the Arctic Circle, Iceland (2010); Antelope Canyon, Arizona USA (2010) and the Great Namib Desert, Namibia (2015). The online exhibition is currently on view from September 6 to September 19, 2021.

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