Margot Robbie proud to be a woman

London: Actor Margot Robbie says she is proud to be a woman after getting a "supportive" response in the wake of the sexual harassment allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein.
Robbie, 27, has praised the resilience of the women who have come forward to accuse the disgraced producer of sexual misconduct. She says the attitude from other Hollywood stars who want to make a change in the way women are treated has made her "proud to be a woman", reports.
"Women are so resilient and I think the response to the whole Weinstein situation kind of proved that. To me, when I think of women, I think the word that sums up women so well but isn't used as often as it should be is 'resilient'," she said. It's astounding how quickly everyone pivoted from being heartbroken about the news to, how do we move forward? How can we move forward? What good can come out of this? Everyone was so supportive immediately and then automatically looking to the future, which made me even more proud to be a woman," she added.
This comes after the she praised Cara Delevingne for opening up about the ordeal she endured at the hands of Weinstein.
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