Manav speaks on his intense role in 'Nail Polish'

Manav speaks on his  intense role in Nail Polish

Manav Kaul is getting appreciation for his performance in the recently released crime thriller 'Nail Polish', in which he played the role of Veer Singh, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and who gets accused of rape and murder of two children.

In a recent interview, the actor spoke about the opportunity he got to explore a complex and layered character.

"I never thought that I would get this kind of response. Since the release of the film, I have been getting many messages. People are tagging me on various platforms and describing how they liked what I have done in 'Nail Polish'. So, it is a humble experience. Also, the praises felt very personal. I think people connected well with Charu Raina," said Manav.

Speaking on his process of getting into a zone to play an intense character like that of Veer Singh, Kaul explained, "I'm an actor who believes in living a character than pretending to be that part. So, I felt that I cannot do something that I do not relate to. But director Bugs Bhargava Krishna did a lot of research. I also sat down with the writers for multiple readings and was continuously taking notes. At home, I tried so many techniques to get into the character but nothing worked. However, on the sets, when Bugs said 'action', the performance came out naturally. Before that, none of us had an idea about how will I pull it off. So, I think I took a leap of faith."

The 'Thappad' star shared his thought on calling 'Nail Polish' as one of the most challenging roles, "I cannot say best because that is for the audience to decide. However, it is the most challenging role I have done till now. I could not sleep for days. I remember, just two days before the shoot of the Charu Raina sequence, late in the night, I texted Bugs that I am scared, which has not happened to me before."

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