Making the most of lockdown

Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late' – William Shakespeare

This quote is brought to life by two young students of DPS RK Puram, Aadya Gosain and Saisha Arora, who have managed to make the best out of their time during this lockdown.

One fine day, they were contacted by a Designer Charu Arora, who had created a new night-wear collection and wished for the girls to model for the upcoming photoshoot. The girls made sure that this new venture, as exciting as it is, did not interfere with their studies by organising the shoot on a Saturday. This was their first professional shoot and considering how successful it went, there is no stopping these

two fierce young girls from achieving what they wish to. These two younglings have proven that just because everyone around you is having a

good time chilling, does not mean that you are entitled to it as well. The grind does not stop for those who wish to succeed.

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