Make the most of your time during lockdown

The lockdown has presented us with unprecedented challenges. Never before have we imagined ourselves to be confined within our homes for an indefinite period and told not to go out. We are fighting against a fear of the unknown. For tens of millions it's likely to be a very stressful experience but there are still many ways in which you can spend your lockdown time creatively. Let's adopt a mindset that this is a one-off opportunity to learn something new and interesting that will help you in future. This will not only help you alleviate any stress, but will fill you with a renewed sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Pick up a long lost hobby

What is that long lost hobby with which you lost touch? Think about it! You can rekindle your interest in a hobby which you'd convinced yourself you couldn't continue due to work and family pressure. Or something interesting that you always wanted to pursue - Photography, videography, video editing, painting, gardening.

Finish (or start) that book

Didn't you always look forward to those long weekends to grab a book or read your favourite magazine? This is the perfect time to fulfil your reading bucket list. There are apps like Scribd, Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Overdrive, Bookari, Kobo Books and many more. Consider this lockdown period as an extended weekend.

Learn new skills or a foreign language online

From YouTube to special learning apps, there is no dearth of free online courses. You can also search for your favourite subject to do free online courses on MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) websites. Some of these free courses run for as little as 48 hours to 3 months. Regular modules, video tutorials and self-assessment tests form an important element of these courses. Apps like Duolingo, Babble, Lingvist, Busuu and others will come handy if you have an inclination to catch up on the nuances of a foreign language.

Binge watch your favourite documentary or show

What was that documentary or television show for which you never had time in your normal life? Devote your time to watching these shows in the evening or night. Streaming apps like Jio Cinema, JioTV, Hotstar, Zee5Premium, Voot, SetLive, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others have hundreds of packed shows on their stock.

Spend quality time with your family

This lockdown has made us realise that we should value our family more than anything else. There are no better people in the whole of the universe than your family. Be sensitive to each other's needs and requirements, particularly if you have pregnant women, children, elderly or people who are sick. They may be the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. It is time to take care of each other.

I am sure, with all or any of these steps, you can sail through the tough lockdown phase. Most importantly, get a buzz and feel good about yourself for doing these things.

(The author is Head of Press and Communications, East and Northeast India, British Deputy High Commission Kolkata)

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