Madhur says Karan's 'Dharma has blatantly misused' the title

Madhur says Karans Dharma has blatantly misused the title

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar took to his social media some days back to 'humbly' request Dharma Productions' Karan Johar

and Apoorva Mehta to change the title of the web series 'Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives'.

In his tweet, Bhandarkar claimed that Johar and Mehta misused his title 'Bollywood Wives' and asked them to not dent his project. Reportedly, the filmmaker also filed a complaint against 'Dharma' with the 'Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association' (IMPPA). He also tweeted by revealing how the 'Film Guild of India' had 'outrightly' rejected Karan Johar's title. The filmmaker shared pictures from the letter to the 'IMPPA' and the guild. After alleging that Karan tweaked the title 'Bollywood Wives' to 'Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives', Madhur said that 'Dharma productions' blatantly misused his series' title.

On 'Twitter', he shared the pictures and tweeted, "When 'IMPPA' asked 'Film Guild of India' whether 'Dharma Movies' was given the title 'Bollywood Wives' where 'Dharma' is a Member. The guild replied that they had outrightly rejected the same. That shows 'Dharma' has blatantly tweaked and misused our title 'Bollywood Wives'."

It was earlier reported that Bhandarkar had filed a complaint with the 'IMPPA' against 'Dharma Productions'. Later, the 'IMPPA' asked 'Dharma' and the 'Film Guild of India' to submit their reply on the same. The letter was also marked to 'Netflix', where the series is set to release.

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