Love Letters an effort to give women equal representation in music: Anoushka Shankar

New Delhi: Sitarist, composer and producer Anoushka Shankar says her new EP "Love Letters" is special as it shows how women show up for each other in times of crisis.

The musician said writing and recording "Love Letters" was an intimate experience and she felt it was important for her to collaborate with women artistes.

"It was a very organic process, gentle and intimate process. I just felt drawn towards the kind of music that really needed a strong female presence -- female writers, female producers, female figures and that just kind of unfolded on its own," Anoushka told PTI in an interview.

The sitarist said she teamed up with her female peers as she wanted to contribute to the cause of gender equality through her music.

"I actively wanted to continue that way. Firstly, on a musical level and also on another level, where in the last few years we've all been speaking so much about representation in different fields of work and whether women are getting enough opportunities in all areas."

Anoushka said while working on "Love Letters", she noticed that women are rarely involved in technical aspect of music making.

"I realised how rarely women are involved in all aspects of the music making, how rarely I've worked with female engineers. That became something that I started looking at as well. How many women can I bring into the project across the board. And it has been really lovely to take an active part in in opening the door in that way," she said.

The six-time Grammy nominated musician added that "Love Letters" will give her listeners a glimpse into her vulnerable side.

Anoushka will now be embarking on her worldwide tour of "Love Letters" with India being her first stop. The sitarist will be performing live in Mumbai (February 13) and Delhi (February 14).

The sitarist, who has also performed vocals for the first time in the EP, said coming to the country is always special for her.

"It is like homecoming. The kind of love people in India shower on me is overwhelming. I'm coming here after over two years and I'm excited."

"Love Letters" is scheduled to be released in February.

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