Love doing massy and content-driven films

From spreading social awareness to bringing change in society through her content-driven films, actor Taapsee Pannu has created a separate fanbase over the years. In an exclusive interview, the 32-year-old actor talks about her film Thappad, after effect of playing intense characters, love for content-driven films and much more.

Do you believe women have become vocal about their opinions over the years?

Though there has been a little progress but we are still a long way. They still choose to keep quiet about a lot of things that should be vocalised. I strongly feel that women should speak up for themselves in every situation and also give themselves the importance they deserve.

Have you ever faced something similar (as shown in the movie Thappad) in your life?

A Thappad means you are disrespecting a human being and without respect, there's no love. The movie is more than anything personal – it is a social issue that is probably the most common and at the same time, the least talked about.

Do you take lessons from the characters you play?

I take lessons from every character I play. I've grown as a person over the years and I take pride in the fact that I have access to the platform that can influence people. I will make full use and work on content that makes an impact.

When you shoot these kinds of intense characters, does that take a toll on your mental and physical health?

I was mentally prepared for Thappad. In the beginning, it took time to adjust but then I gave my 100% to portray the character. Having said that, it did take a toll on my mental health as I had received the slap for seven times during the shoot in order to get the real impact on screen. By the end of the movie and the entire schedule, I was claustrophobic.

Domestic violence is happening in every other house but people hardly pay heed to such matters and become ignorant towards women. Do you believe your movie would help in bringing the much-needed change?

I don't know the impact it will have on the audience, but I know for a fact that the movie will certainly make people think about the topic we have chosen. We certainly hope that Thappad will bring about a positive change in society.

What more issues you wish to talk about through your movies?

I don't choose specific issues that need to be targeted and talked about but at the same time, I am glad to be a part of such content-oriented projects that leave a positive aftertaste for the viewers.

Does success make you scared in any way?

No, I just want to focus on giving quality content to my viewers and make the full use of my following and keep on growing with time as an actor and an artist. Anything else I don't think about. I am grateful for the success and appreciation that I have received over the years.

Do you think you are a bankable actor?

I believe in letting my work speak for me. I enjoy doing massy films as much as I love being a part of content-driven films.

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