Laura emphasises need for gratitude, kindness

New Delhi: Thanks to her songs in Disney animated series such 'Phineas and Ferb', Laura Dickinson, 39, is introduced globally as "your nine year-old daughter's favourite singer".

The singer was recently in Delhi for the launch of a UNESCO MGIEP Kindness Anthem 'Shine Your Light', for which she has collaborated with Indian-origin music composer Ricky Kej.

As the singer of the UNESCO MGIEP Kindness Anthem, Laura emphasised on little acts of kindness and gratitude as compared to charity and piety.

"We need to talk about gratitude everyday. Back in America, in our side of the music business, there's no way to get into it. There's no audition, no way to really present yourself and get considered. It's all about reputation and credits and you have to wait for the phone to ring," she said, adding, "But I can say from experience that people, who are grateful and happier, are rewarded more, and their mental wellbeing is always elevated because they make it a point to be grateful." She says she speaks 2 languages – English and music – and that the latter is understood by every human being. But pursuing music was not easy for Laura as she was raised in a musical family with strict religious learnings.

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