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Kylie speaks on her legal battle over trademark dispute

Kylie speaks on her legal battle over trademark dispute

Kylie Minogue has spoken out about her legal battle with Kylie Jenner over the copyright of their name. The singer discussed the case, which was settled in 2017, on June 7's broadcast of 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen'.

In the Kylie versus Kylie cosmetics fight, both sought to brand their line 'Kylie', but the popstar secured the naming rights in court. Kylie Jenner has been attempting to trademark the name 'Kylie' in the United States, but her application was denied by the Australian pop sensation in 2014.

"When I was named Kylie, I think I met one person older than me called Kylie. So, it is kind of unusual," she said.

"I have spent a lifetime protecting my brand and building my brand, so it was just something that had to be done," said Minogue as per 'The Metro'. At the time, the I Should Be So Lucky singer's attorneys gave the US Patent and Trademark Office a lengthy list of reasons why the trademark should be denied, including referring to the youngest Jenner sister as a 'secondary reality television personality'.

Kylie Minogue, on the other hand, has been characterised as an 'internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer fighter known globally simply as Kylie', who already owns Kylie-related trademarks in the US. These encompass a wide variety of services and businesses, such as jewellery, dolls and toys, as well as furniture and clothing. Her signature may be seen on the Kylie Minogue darling perfume, 'Lucky - the Kylie Minogue' musical and her website '', which she has held since 1996, one year before Kylie the reality TV star was born.

However, Minogue challenged the application and won in 2017.

"It was just business," Minogue said. When asked about her win, Minogue

kept things ambiguous, saying, "We just came to an agreement."

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