KVIC appoints Sunil Sethi as advisor

The 'Khadi and Village Industries Commission' (KVIC) appointed Sunil Sethi, a leading personality in the Indian fashion industry, as its advisor. Sethi will advise the commission on latest design interventions in the readymade garments segment as well as the promotion of 'khadi' in India and abroad.

Sethi's appointment is for a period of one year.

Sunil Sethi has over four decades of experience in global merchandising, where he has contributed significantly to the growth of Indian handicrafts, design and the textile industry, through many innovative and successful initiatives. As chairman of the 'Fashion Design Council of India', which is represented by 400 designers, Sethi has been working to take the Indian fashion industry globally.

"Sustainable growth of 'khadi' in the fashion industry, both locally and internationally, is the key idea behind the appointment. 'KVIC' has already marked its advent on the global platform and from here on we must capitalise on every opportunity. 'Khadi' artisans are capable of producing the finest quality and the most unique fabric in the world. With the newest design innovations, 'khadi' can be a favourite of a vast global consumer segment," said 'KVIC' Chairman, Vinai Kumar Saxena.

Incidentally, this is also aligned with the clarion call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – 'Local to Global and Vocal for Local' - in the context of the Indian manufacturing sector. The development assumes greater significance in wake of the growing buzz around Indian handcrafted products and the consumers increasingly becoming fashion-oriented.

Sethi has previously served as a member and Board of Governors at the 'National Institute of Fashion Technology' (NIFT).

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