'Krosswindz' wins big at 'Grassroot Grammys JPF Music Awards 2020'

Krosswindz wins big at Grassroot Grammys JPF Music Awards 2020

Just Plain Folks' (JPF), which was founded by FMC advisory board member, Brian Austin Whitney is an online (and real-world) community comprising more than 51,500 songwriters, recording artists,

publishers, record labels, producers and basically any other music-type folks. Their goal is simple: to help people involved in all levels of the music community network, share their experiences, build relationships and grow.

With the same aim, the 'JPF 2020 Music Awards' - the largest indie awards event on the planet - takes place every year in Nashville, Tennessee and on January 7, it also announced the winners with band 'Krosswindz' winning two awards at the prestigious ceremony titled 'Grassroot Grammys JPF Music Awards 2020' under the categories 'Best Asian Album' for 'Phire Dekha' and 'International Group of the Year'.

"As a singer, songwriter, composer and recording artist/band, we are completely honored and blessed

to have won two categories with 17,700 album entries, 230,000 song entries and 4,200 judges. These

honours are especially important to me because

neither they are politically won nor monetarily influenced like other awards. These awards are not about 'who you know', scratching each others' back and doing favours or paying to win. These awards are based on talent and if the music moves the 4,200 judges who heard them, then thank you Brian Austin Whitney for this honour as you are a light at the end of a very long tunnel," said

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