Kriti, Farah fume over politician's comment on Hathras case

There has been extreme outrage on social media over the Hathras gangrape case. Bollywood celebrities such as Kriti Sanon, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt and others condemned the barbaric incident and took to social media to demand justice

for the 19-year old Dalit girl who was raped by four men and succumbed to injuries a few days ago. Amid the outrage, a comment of

a politician Surendra Singh about parents teaching their daughters 'good values' left Kriti, designer Farah Khan Ali, Vir Das and others furious.

Surendra reacted to the case and said that incidents like these could be stopped with the help of good values and that parents should teach their daughters good values.

Kriti Sanon expressed her shock over the video of the politician's comment and said that it was messed up. She wrote, "Teach daughters how to not get raped? Can he hear himself talk? This is the mindset that needs to change! It is so messed up! Why cannot they give some 'sanskaar' to their sons?"

Farah Khan Ali also reacted to the comments and tweeted, "To stop rape, we need to change the mentality of men like him who blame a woman for rape. We write 'A woman was raped' instead of saying 'the man raped a woman'. The stigma is always on a woman when it should be on the rapist. Teach this man to respect the womb that bore him first."

"I agree. Family is important. Parents, kindly raise your sons not to think like this creep," wrote comedian and actor Vir Das.

Shruti Seth also reacted to it by saying, "How very kind of this gentleman to point this out. But what should a family do with the sons?"

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