Kristen's 'SNL' monologue landed her 'Happiest Season'

Kristens SNL monologue landed her Happiest Season

Los Angeles: 'Happiest Season' director Clea DuVall has revealed she was convinced that Kristen Stewart is "perfect" to star in the upcoming festival rom-com after she saw the actor's famous 'Saturday Night Live' monologue.

Stewart confirmed she is "like, so gay" when she hosted the sketch show in 2017 and DuVall said the manner in which the "Twilight" star showed off her "silly" side on the programme made her ideal for the role of Abby in the movie.

"She is known as an actor for doing more dramatic work, but seeing her on 'SNL', so funny and so silly, was thrilling.

"That's what made me feel like, ok, I think this is the perfect person to play Abby because she can have the humour and the warmth but then also be able to connect with the emotional journey of the character," the director told 'Diva' magazine.

'Happiest Season' is set during an annual family holiday party where Abby (Stewart) plans to propose to her girlfriend, played by Mackenzie Davis. The plan gets an unexpected twist when the woman finds out her partner hasn't come out as gay to her conservative parents.

DuVall said she tried "not to villify anyone" in the movie because coming out or not coming out is a challenging and personal decision.

"However it happens and however you get there, that's your journey. And for families of LGBTQI people who are struggling, dealing with someone who has just come out... That is its own journey.

"There don't have to be bad guys in this situation. The more that we try to love and respect and empathise with each other, hopefully the further along we'll get.

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