'Koki Poochega' receives applause from 'YouTube' CEO

Koki Poochega receives applause from YouTube CEO

Kartik Aaryan's debut chat show 'Koki Poochega' got much praises and appreciation by none other than 'Youtube' CEO Susan Wojcicki, who took to her social media platform and applauded the young actor's effort for creating great content.

As she talked about top creators, artistes and content creators for 'Youtube India', the global-head tagged the 'Pyar Ka Punchnama' star.

"Kartik Aaryan used his vast platform to spotlight the unsung heroes of the pandemic - frontline workers and first responders," read one of the reports of the platform's team.

Through 'Koki Poochega', Kartika smartly used the power of his reach and his sense of humour to get the right message to the masses. Moreover, Kartik Aaryan managed to get the frontliners and COVID-19 warriors together amidst their busy schedule, so that more people seated at home can be enlightened of the situation and know the right story.

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