Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 3 - Love's complicated

A tale of love, heartbreaks, resentment and forgiveness, Ekta Kapoor’s web show ‘Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 3’ will raise questions like ‘Is love enough for a relationship?’ and ‘Can you forgive someone who has betrayed you?’

Extramarital affairs' and 'infidelity' aren't anything new to our society, but Ekta Kapoor's much-popular show 'Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain' presented the concepts in an entirely different light - changing perceptions of many. The story of Rohit (Ronit Roy) ending up his 'perfect' marriage to be with the love of his life Ananya (Mona Singh) was not only accepted but appreciated by the audience.

The first two seasons, with shocking climaxes, touched a thousand hearts and now, the third part has been well-received by the audience.

Post the release of this show, Millennium Post interviewed the cast comprising of talented actors like Ronit Roy, Mona Singh, Gurdip Kohli and Suchitra Pillai. The actors shed light on how their characters have evolved over the three seasons, their opinions on marriage, infidelity, relationships and more.


Ronit, how is your character in season 3 different from the previous two seasons? Was it difficult to get into its skin?

Ronit: Every character in the show, including mine, has gone through certain transformations over the three seasons. In the new season, Rohit Mehra is seen as a drunkard and womaniser. He lives life on his own terms in the absence of Poonam, Ananya and daughters, and gets involved in meaningless relationships to fill that void. Though he is haunted by the grave mistake of hurting the two important women of his life, he accepts the reality as punishment. Rohit is greyer this time - what he holds within and what he portrays is different. His words do not match his thoughts.

It's a very layered character and you would have to watch the entire series to understand who Rohit actually is. Initially, he might appear as a mere alcoholic and self-centered person, who has lost the track of life. But as the story progresses, the depth of his character is revealed.

For me, no character is easy to play if you really want to play it well. The more complex a character is, the more difficult it is to emote. For example, I might be laughing in a scene, but have to convey grief through eyes. In such a case, understanding the character well is of utmost importance.

How did life change for the characters Poonam and Ananya?

Mona: Ananya moves on in life and far away from Rohit after knowing how he cheated on her with Poonam (ex-wife). She is strong, independent but doesn't believe in love anymore. A broken heart and shattered hopes have made her emotionally unavailable even for her child. She has lost herself and her happiness in this struggle. It is as if a beautiful emotion like love and Rohit's past altogether turned her heart into a stone, giving her a reason to be hard on herself. But destiny seems to have its own plans as Ananya ends up meeting Rohit again. The old memories of being together flash in front of her eyes, making her feel suffocated. The third season shows how a broken relationship affects two people and how they deal with the situation.

Gurdip: Poonam is seen taking her relationship with Abhimanyu (Suyash Nayyar) to the next level. However, she goes through her own problems. For instance, the age gap between them is a reason that makes her think about their relationship. Also, the audience is to witness how Poonam seeks validation from Abhi even though she believes in him and loves him a lot. So in short, Poonam weighs her own questions that she will seek answers to in the series this time.

The show deals with a lot of toxicity, heartbreak and resentment. Did all of this take an emotional toll?

Mona: I am not a method actor, rather I am very instinctive. Once I am done with my scene, I shut myself off. It doesn't take a toll on me. Having said that, when I go home after working on such a story ('Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain') I do feel mentally tired and exhausted.

The first two seasons were appreciated by the audience for various reasons. But what do you love the most about this story?

Mona: The show is all about love and to what extent people can go for the ones they love. What I appreciate the most about it is the way my character is presented. Ananya was definitely the other woman in the first season but she was never shown in the negative light. She was portrayed as a very normal and independent girl who happens to fall in love with a married man. I was happy to see how after watching season 1, the audience didn't know whose side to take – Ananya's or Poonam's. It was Rohit who was seen messing up and it was a big achievement for all of us.

Have you taken back anything from this show, Ronit?

Ronit: I don't take back my work home. The character of Rohit Mehra has been created by the writer and played by me - that's all. I see it as a family drama. It is not a story one has not seen or heard of in the past. It is not an inspirational, motivational or historic piece that would change the perception of our society instantly. It has nothing earth-shattering or life-changing.

Moreover, I am very different from my character in the show. In real life, I am much clearer about what's happening at my house.

I have always had clarity about who I am, what's happening around me, where I stand in my life and what my family means to me.

If someone commits infidelity, should he/she be given another chance? Do you believe in second chances?

Mona: I am not Jesus and I don't have Alzheimer (chuckles), which means I don't forgive or forget.

Ronit: There is no generic answer to this question. I would start by saying that infidelity is obviously not a good thing. One has to stay loyal because the partnership is all about being true, honest and loyal. But if someone commits it and if he/she should be forgiven on not depends on various parameters - How the offence was committed, under what circumstances it was committed, what is the outcome of the offence, what's the degree of it and more. When you talk of infidelity and forgiveness, you need to take all these factors into consideration.

Secondly, it completely depends on your partner. Some would find themselves strong enough to place there trust in the same person again, while others who would find their partners incapable of holding trust. It's different for different people.

Is love enough for a relationship?

Mona: Love is very important in relationships yet it isn't enough. In a relationship, one needs to trust the other partner. Besides that, care, attraction and a level of understanding play a very important role in building a strong relation.

Do you believe the perception of infidelity is same for both genders?

Suchitra: I think women analyse the whole infidelity issue much more than men - whether they cheat on their partner or the partner cheats on them. But the new generation has got a different perspective.

Do you feel the idea of marriage, love and relationships is changing?

Gurdip: Things are definitely changing! These days, couples are ready to talk about their relationship face to face. They are much open about what they want from their partners and how they want the relationship to work. Also, they do not hesitate is parting ways if things don't work as planned. Though this might help them have a better future, it severely affects the lives of their families and children as shown in 'Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain'.

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